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Sacrificial love is the hallmark of Christ’s character. Love is giving, and then giving more, and then giving still more. Unless we are broken of our self-centered, self-serving, prideful nature, we cannot give this kind of love.

Charles Stanley, The Blessings of Brokenness


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October 29, 2017 · 4:18 pm

Cult membership

Cult membership is actually a cop out from life. The proselyte who enters a cult thinks he is boldly stepping forward to commit himself wholly for the Lord’s cause. In actual fact, he has unconsciously chosen a way to flee from having to make decisions, to have to stand to the consequences of free choices. He has in effect said to Moses, “Take me back to slavery. I can’t stand freedom out here in the deserts of life. At least I knew how to behave there because everyone told us what to do. I didn’t have to think, I only had to behave.”

– John & Paula Sandford, Transforming the Inner Man

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April 2, 2017 · 9:00 pm

Rules versus principles

Rules certainly make some aspects of life easier. But allegiance to them indicates a fear of error, not a mark of love. People who love know they’ll make mistakes. But they also know they’ll learn from them and mature through them.

Jesus taught in principles. Principles require a degree of maturity in discerning how to apply them. Jesus’ summation of the entire Law in loving God and people was a slap in the face of religious tradition. Tradition had taken the place of a relationship with God.

-Dr. John Townsend

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February 10, 2015 · 12:17 am

God’s peace and happiness …

God can’t give us peace and happiness apart from Himself because there is no such thing.

– C. S. Lewis

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November 7, 2014 · 12:21 am

Be wise …

Christ never meant that we were to remain children in intelligence: He told us to be ‘as harmless as doves’, but also ‘as wise as serpents’.

– C. S. Lewis

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September 24, 2014 · 10:54 am

We’re concerned with how things turn out …

We’re concerned with how things turn out; God seems more concerned with how we turn out.

– Philip Yancey

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December 19, 2013 · 2:17 pm

Let God take over …

The more we let God take us over, the more truly ourselves we become – because He made us. He invented us.

C. S. Lewis

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October 8, 2013 · 7:07 pm

No man knows how bad he is …

No man knows how bad he is till he has tried very hard to be good

– C. S. Lewis

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July 31, 2013 · 8:17 am