The unbelievable story of all time

A Google search for unbelievable stories brings up a list of odd stories, but the story of Jesus Christ is the unbelievable story of all time. The creator of the universe leaves His heavenly abode to become part of His creation. He could have appeared on earth as an alien or a special being but He chose to be born as a (helpless) baby to an insignificant family in an insignificant town. At least when He grew up He could have boasted to the world about His heavenly credentials but he avoided talking about it and generally kept off the limelight. Without any fanfare he performed amazing miracles, made the blind to see, healed the lame and raised the dead. He made no effort to escape a horrible death. After three days, His tomb was astonishingly found empty but still He revealed Himself only to limited friends before returning to His heavenly abode.

This story seems so utterly far-fetched and bizarre but still millions have believed in this story and even given up their lives for this story. I am grateful that I knew this story from childhood. Sometimes I wonder if it was because of early exposure to this story that made me believe it. What would have happened if I grew up in a hostile environment? I can’t say; but even though the story about Jesus Christ seems unbelievable, I know that I am drawn toward it by Jesus Himself so that in spite of problems that arise due to my faith, my faith strangely gets deeper.

Sadly many have distorted this story. Many leaders have used His name for their personal fame and gain. Some of us are grieved by the revelations of how we were duped by some leaders in the Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship like Mr. Joshua Daniel. This is very sad but we have already been warned in the Bible in Act 20:29-31a (ISV) “I know that when I’m gone savage wolves will come among you and not spare the flock. Indeed, some of your own men will arise and distort the truth in order to lure the disciples into following them. So be alert!” So let us instead look to Jesus, who a few hours before His betrayal, physically washed the feet of His disciples including His betrayer; practically showing us how to treat one another. Let us not Lord over the other but learn to be a servant even as our Master showed us how. During this Good Friday and Easter let us meditate on this incredible fact (not a mere story) of all times and make Jesus our life story.



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8 responses to “The unbelievable story of all time

  1. c@m

    Why do you hate lef so much.why not a single word when the man was alive?
    You must have been very close to fellowship.may be your parents i guess.Since you cannot hate your parents for their decisions you have so much of hatred towards a dead man. I’m a blogger myself.I thought of blogging about this anti lef thing but i thought it would bring you more fame to your blog and didn’t post a thing.

    • Dear blogger,
      If you carefully read my site, you will notice that I started this blog in June 2013 when nobody expected Joshua Daniel to die. The page about LEF was first published in June 2014 when he was still alive. I am not a coward writing because Joshua Daniel is dead. I had blind regard for him for a very long time especially because of family influence as you guess but my eyes were slowly beginning to open. In personal interactions with him I finally began to see that he did not practice what he preached. If I want fame I will not be anonymous. I am writing this blog so that other may not remain in blindness. Writing and maintaining this blog is not easy and I even had to take a break for a few months.

    • GE

      Dear c@m

      ‘Suniemi’ is a gracious man who loves the Word of God and would never have embarked on this blog site if he did not have serious concerns about the spiritual and physical welfare of those many thousands of people whom Joshua Daniel and members of his family have been abusing for many decades. ‘Suniemi’ does not ‘hate’ Joshua Daniel, but like so many of us now, he wants these abuses to stop, and the Daniels to be made accountable. A man is not automatically absolved from his misdeeds and whitewashed just because he is dead, but as ‘Suniemi’ has responded, he began this blog even before it became clear that Joshua Daniel was reaching the end of his life. Suniemi quotes at length here from a book written by a German scholar who had no personal axe to grind, but as long as forty years ago had highlighted the increasing concerns which were coming to light about Joshua Daniel’s negative teaching and activities.

      Some people did speak personally to Joshua Daniel about his behaviour. I spoke to him via his equally reprehensible wife. People who were respected leaders in LEF confronted him with his misdeeds, and those of his henchmen. He was ejected from German, Canadian, and American fellowships because of his behaviour, and because in his arrogance he would not listen when better men tried to reason with him.

      How do you know that ‘Suniemi’ never spoke to Joshua Daniel? Why do you think that John Daniel has been summoned to appear before Indian government officials to explain the finances of LEF (and other matters)?

      Instead of criticising ‘Suniemi’ for his honest attempts to stop more vulnerable people being trapped in the pernicious, cultish organisation which is now LEF, you should carefully investigate all the evidence on this site, and on the independently run ‘LEF Whistleblower’ site. Do you think that Brother Sathy is a liar? That all those others who have left LEF are liars?

      It is a nonsense to try to protect the reputations of evil-doers just because they are dead. The Lord Himself speaks very harshly in His Word about ‘hirelings’, false ‘shepherds’, pharisees who use their power and influence to abuse others in the name of Jesus, and profit thereby.

  2. Amian Amahar

    Christ is risen! Easter greetings to all brothers and sisters, with prayer that you will soon be released from bondage to LEF and be able to take hold of the Christian freedom which Jesus intended you to enjoy.

  3. Alsing patel

    Suniemi thank you for the beautiful message on a very special Good Friday. The last of the 7 bloodmoon that fell on pass over in 2000 years. The next is not going to happen untill 500 years. Just two weeks ago we had the total solar eclipse, with supermoon, eqinox, on first day of nissan the start of the Jewis spiritul calendar Only once in 100000 thousand years.meaning never in human history. Pi day in 100 years. Too many celestian convergance.
    Joel 2:21.The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LO. Happened within this two weeks on jewish festivals..

    These are sighns from God. Genesis 1:14. And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years,

    Luke 21:28

    When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

    But if we follow men and try to impress them we will miss the day of the Lord. Power and money will have no value on that day. As Suniemi said from the example of Jesus washing others feet , what we do unto others is the only thing going to be accountable.

    Soon very soon Jesus is coming back. Cant wait. What a glorious day that will be.

    • Amian Amahar

      Alsing Patel: please give special Easter greetings to the lady you have told me about. May Jesus be very close to her during this Eastertide.

      • Alsing patel

        Thank you GE. She certainly encouraged and strengthened by your prayers. To know people who are on God’s side are with her gives her hope. This is the first time in years she felt the freedom in the midst of bondage because of your prayers and feels she is connected to the body of Christ through you and your group. This is the power of the death and ressurection of our saviour Jesus Christ. Amazing. Truly your prayers are streams through the desert.. I can not thank you all enough. All glory to God.

  4. Thank for this reminder and encouragement on Good Friday!

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