Be wise …

Christ never meant that we were to remain children in intelligence: He told us to be ‘as harmless as doves’, but also ‘as wise as serpents’.

– C. S. Lewis


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September 24, 2014 · 10:54 am

One response to “Be wise …

  1. GE

    It would appear that members of the Daniel family recently visited the British Channel Islands under the guise of ‘revival’ activity.

    The Channel Islands are known for offshore banking. Money can be accumulated there, without much fear of intrusion by officialdom, in offshore accounts, and many who wish to conceal their assets have done this.

    It would also appear that investigations are well underway into the financial affairs of the Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship, and John Daniel (son of Joshua Daniel) has been ordered to appear before the Indian authorities to be made accountable. He has allegedly claimed that they cannot touch him, as he is an American citizen!

    Please read the ‘LEF Whistleblower’ website for updates. Please, also, make available to the Indian authorities any evidence that may help to convict, and put an end to the nefarious activities of, the Daniel family.

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